Pre-planning with Watson-Thomas Funeral Home

Of all the ways one can express love, one of the most thoughtful involves funeral planning before the need arises.

It’s not always easy to talk about, but who wouldn’t take steps to save unnecessary hardships and complications for those they love?

Today many people are choosing plans that fulfill their needs and religious beliefs and relieve this burden from family members. These plans reflect ones own expressed wishes and in many cases are fully funded through one of our many financial vehicles.

We at Watson-Thomas Funeral Home are dedicated to the understanding that helping others in their time of need is first and foremost in the true meaning of Funeral Service.

We staff a full time pre-need representative who is also one of our full time funeral directors, so you will get the experienced knowledge of a licensed funeral director and licensed insurance producer.

For more information please contact Mark Thomas; you are welcome to examine or fill out our online pre-arrangement form.

Below are some common questions that people ask us about Pre-Planning. We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us to ask questions you may have.

Why plan ahead?
Funeral arrangements often times take place within 24 hours of the loss of a loved one. Pre-planning for the funeral allows families that precious time needed to make decisions regarding funeral options without the emotional stress related to the loss. The act of pre-planning also allows for one to ease the burden regarding decisions and to make their personal wishes known.

How do I start?
Starting the pre-planning process can be as easy as your first phone call. Our funeral director will lead you through the pre-arrangement process. You can rest assured that our staff is attentive to your every need. We will answer any question that you might have and will never pressure you into any decisions.

Do I have to prepay?
The most important part of the planning process is just that, planning. You will be given the option of pre-paying, paying over time, or not paying and just making your wishes known.

What are the benefits of pre-paying?
Like the cost of everything, the cost of funeral services go up over time. By pre-paying the funeral, you will have the peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and that your family will not have to worry about financial matters in their time of grief.

What happens if I change my mind or I move?
When you pre-pay your funeral expenses, 100% of the monies collected must be placed in an interest bearing funeral trust account that is typically regulated by the State. Even though your money is irrevocably trusted for funeral expenses, it is easily transferred to another funeral home.

Why should I pre-plan when applying for SSI/Medicaid?
By pre-planning during the application process for SSI/Medicaid you will have the opportunity to plan and pay for a funeral out of your own funds, ensuring that the funeral services are to your exact wishes. If you wait until the funds are exhausted and you are relying on the Medicaid benefit to pay for your funeral, the Medicaid benefit is very limited and may not provide for the services you wish for.

Do I have to come to the funeral home?
Our funeral directors will accommodate you, whatever the need. Basic arrangements can be done at the funeral home, by phone and mail, and yes, we even make house calls.