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...    Thierry, Mary M.
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...    McCoy, Sr., Donald Gene
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...    Beto, Jr., Joseph Anthony
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...    Rakers, Dorothy Ann
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...    Hanna, Helen Catherine
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...    Thurman, Christine M.
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...    Trombitas, Louise Ann
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...    McCawley, Debra A.
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...    Bess, John W.
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...    Perez, Lupe
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Thank you for visiting the Watson-Thomas Funeral Home web site. Our Mission is to assist and guide families through the death of a loved one by being empathetic, honest, and caring; And to help them celebrate life’s legacy in a manner that is befitting the deceased.

Announcing the Thomas Legacy Center and Crematory

We are proud to officially announce the addition of the Thomas Legacy Center and Crematory to the services we offer at Watson-Thomas Funeral Home. This will be a separate building built on the property of the funeral home. It will have an in house, state of the art, crematory, meaning all cremations will now be performed on site and not at a third party location. The building will also have a community/luncheon room with kitchen, which will seat 125 people for after funeral luncheons or can be used for celebrations of life. It will also have a private family viewing room for those who wish to be present when their loved one is cremated. This project has long been a dream and something we thought the community may appreciate having right here in our town.

Click the Image to See Our Construction Project

If you can imagine it, we will do our best to provide it. We offer many types of personalization to funerals and visitations.When a loved one dies, not everyone is sure what the next step to take after the funeral should be. At Watson-Thomas Funeral Home we don’t end our support to you when the funeral is over. We are here when you need us, twenty-four hours a day, every day. Please feel free to contact us any time. Thank you.

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